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In the heart of America there are Master Storytellers who hold our oral histories. Come discover the real America.

America's Storytellers

captures the oral histories of communities through the entertaining voice of local master storytellers. America's Storytellers features the culture and history of a community through stories about local heroes, colorful characters, historic events and special sites.

Harold “Bowser” Frakes

Bowser came home from WW I a full fledged aviator and turned barnstormer. He became a stuntman, crashed over 68 planes, and even blew himself up in a casket in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.

Antoinette Polk

A sixteen year old girl of privilege who is known for her bravery and courage raced to warn confederate soldiers of an approaching union brigade.

Amon Carter Evans

History is the prologue by which we live our lives with wisdom.

Hunt Brothers on the road with America's Storytellers